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There are two samples that we receive here at our Feed Central labs to be tested and these are Core Samples and Grab Samples.

The sample you send in to be feed tested can effect the outcome of the results.

Core Samples

  • Uniform stalk length
  • Representative of entire bale and paddock
  • Reduce processing time by more than half
  • Results accurate and meaningful
core sample
Core Samples

Hay Corer

We sell our very own hay corers which enable you to get the best result from your core samples. Grab your Hay Corer here.

Grab Sample

  • No uniformity
  • Not representative as it only samples the outside of the bale
  • Increases processing time
  • Results are less accurate
Grab Sample
Grab Samples

So if you want to be certain that your feed test results are an accurate representation then it’s a good idea to use a corer and to take samples from various locations and bales.

Feed test with hay corer
Get your Hay Corer

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