Equi-Analytical Australia

Your Australian provider for Equine Forage and Feed Testing

At Feed Central we are committed to the health and performance of your horses. As the Australian affiliate of Equi-Analytical Laboratory Services, we bring world-class feed and forage testing directly to you. We provide Australian testing and handle international shipping if your sample needs more detailed analysis at the main Equi-Analytical laboratory. Located in upstate New York, Equi-Analytical specialises in precise nutritional analysis that is essential for effective horse feeding programs.


Why Test with Equi-Analytical through Feed Central?

Forage is a critical component of a horse’s diet, constituting at least 50% of their intake. Accurate analysis of forage and feed is key to ensuring your horse receives a diet tailored for optimal health and performance. By partnering with Equi-Analytical, we provide you with detailed insights right here in Australia, allowing for real-time adjustments and support.


Benefits of Choosing Equi-Analytical with Feed Central:

  • Faster NIR turnaround time, no waiting for international shipping.
  • Accurate Nutrient Analysis: Get precise and relevant nutritional information to optimise your feeding strategy.
  • Tailored Feeding Programs: Adjust your horse’s diet based on comprehensive data, integrating with leading horse dietary programs such as FeedXL.
  • Australian-Based Expert Support: Discuss your results and get advice during Australian business hours; no more waiting for international replies.

Get Started with Equi-Analytical Today

Choose the best testing option for your needs and enjoy the convenience of local support:


1. View our sample collection guide on how to take a representative sample and the quantity we need for your sample type.

2. Complete our sample submission form, with your complete contact details and detailed sample information.

3. Submit your sample using one of our kits, or use your own post bag and send to our lab: 10775 Warrego Hwy, Charlton, Qld, 4350

4. Upon completion of testing, your
results are sent via email and available through your online Feed Central Profile.