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What Tests Are Available?

The following tests are available through our Feed Testing Lab:

  • NIR Feed Test – Ruminant, Swine & Poultry
  • Wet Chemistry
  • Prussic Acid – qualitative and quantitative
  • Nitrate – qualitative and quantitative
  • Chemical Residues
  • Mould and Yeast
  • Mycotoxins
  • Germination
  • Vigour
  • Tetrazolium
  • Soil Testing
  • Manure Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Fertiliser Testing
  • Visual Assessment

If you have any other requests, feel free to give us a call.

Our Feed Testing Standards

Feed Central searched the world for the best Feed Testing partner available. We found this with Dairy One. Dairy One is the world’s best and largest Feed Test service provider. Today, Feed Central is Dairy One’s only commercial partner in Australia allowing us to test hay and grain to the highest feed testing standards in the world and to offer this service to the public. Our affiliation with Dairy One ensures that we have the world’s most accurate calibrations across Proteins, Energies, Fibres and Minerals.

Australia’s Only Recognised Quality Grading System

We have trialled, tested and developed Australia’s only recognized quality grading and quality assurance system for domestic hay. We take the visual assessment of hay very seriously and understand that animals prefer highly attractive hay with a fresh aroma. We also understand that many of our customers (such as chaff mills, dairies and feedlots) have a very specific visual requirements, including colour, stem length, stem thickness, moisture, conditioning type and a host of other measurements that cannot be tested via a Feed Test.



Buyers can purchase unseen product with confidence, knowing exactly what they’re paying for with quality assurance.


Sellers can set and justify their own prices based on quality as well as differentiate their product in the marketplace.


Nutritionists can use our services to add true value to their clients through correct, cost-effective ration formulation and quality assessment.


End-users such as dairy farmers and feedlot operators get the highest quality product for their animals at extremely competitive prices.


Our two main types of testing are Near-Infrared and In Lab Visual Inspection, however we also offer testing for Wet Chemistry, Nitrates, Prussic Acid, Chemical Residues and many more.

NIR Feed Test
$77inc. GST
  • Dry Matter
  • Moisture
  • Crude Protein – NDF/ADF
  • Digestibility
  • M.E. (Energy)
  • Fat
  • Feed Test Quality Certificate
On Farm Prussic Acid & Nitrate Testing Kit
$250inc. GST
  • Enabling anyone who is concerned about Prussic Acid & Nitrate levels in their crops to get a simple yes/no answer within minutes.
  • Each Kit Contains:
  • 5 x Prussic Acid Tests
  • 5 x Nitrate Tests
  • Each kit has step by step instructions for accurate on-farm testing and an information/educational booklet around the effects of Prussic & Nitrate poisoning and what to look out for.

All Other Tests


Wet Chem Testing

Prussic Acid Testing

Nitrate Testing

Chemical Residue Testing


Germination Testing

Vigour Testing

Tetrazolium Testing

Soil Testing

Manure Testing

Water Testing


Sample Submitted

Download the Feed Test Brochure & Form, follow the video instructions HERE to prepare your feed sample, then post your sample in to us for testing.

Sample Received & Tested

The sample arrives at your nearest Feed Central Quality Assurance Laboratory and is accurately tested within our fine-tuned, expert system.

Account Setup

This gives you access to your results online and the option to monitor your feed tests. The results are available for you to share with potential buyers or for your own personal use.

Certification & Delivery

The Quality Certificate is created and delivered to you within 24 hours of the sample being received and tested. Your results are explained to you.


Watch The Submission Instructions Below And Download The Form