Nitrate and Prussic acid occur naturally in plants however if plants are damaged or stressed, Nitrate and Prussic acids can rise causing toxicity in ruminant animals once eaten. Causes of high Prussic Acid or Nitrate levels, include damage, stress, drought conditions, frost, high nitrogen fertilisers and certain herbicides. Feed Central has developed an on-farm test kit for growers of forage sorghum to test their crop within minutes for Prussic Acid & Nitrate levels.

Current lab testing is done through quantitative means. The in-lab tests have a 2-week turnaround, in which time crop results could change and render the results meaningless.

Our qualitative test is a faster alternative that can be carried out on the farm and produces results between a couple of minutes to one hour.

Test kits includes: 5x Prussic Acid Tests, 5x Nitrate Tests, step-by-step instructions, information sheets, safety gloves.

Commonly  Asked Questions

Prussic acid, or hydrocyanic acid , is absorbed from digested feed into the cow/sheep where it attaches to haemoglobin, taking the place of oxygen in the blood.

This causes following symptoms in the animal: within 15-20 minutes you may see symptoms including staggering, laboured breathing, spasms and foaming at the mouth. Affected animals often lie down, stretched out, and may thrash about. Mucous membranes and blood will be bright pink.

If levels are high enough , or treatment is not administered quickly, the only symptom you may see is a dead animal.

Horses, pigs and other non-ruminant animals are less affected by prussic acid because their stomachs convert it to less toxic formic acid and ammonium chloride.r

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Please note: We take the visual assessment of Hay very seriously and understand that animals prefer highly attractive hay with a fresh aroma. We also understand that many of our customers (such as chaff mills, dairies and feedlots) have very specific visual requirements, including colour, stem length, stem thickness, moisture, conditioning type and a host of other measurements that cannot be tested via a Feed Test.