Jill Parker Feed Central

Jill Parker

National Grower & Quality Services Manager


Jill joined the Feed Central team in mid 2020 in the role of Grower & Quality Services Manager. Jill comes originally from WA, with most of her farming experience being achieved over 20 years as co-owner and manager of an intensive Horticulture property in Kununurra on the Ord River Irrigation Area.

During this time she managed contract picking, packing, marketing and logistics for up to 50 local producers over 5 crops.She has many years’ experience in group marketing with Australian Fresh Mangoes, Australian Outback Mangoes and was a member of various peak industry bodies.

QA systems such as Freshcare, SQF2000, NAASA, CACCP, Eurepgap and later with ISO 9000 will give her a good understanding of the Feed Central program. When not at work Jill enjoys snow skiing, sailing and spending time with her family.

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