Buying Hay Tips


Trucks charge the same per kilometre rate regardless of the tonnes on the Truck. You can save a lot of money by buying Hay on a dollar per tonne delivered basis.

Feed Central guarantees a delivered price per tonne. This eliminates the risk of any unwanted surprises and ensures you get exactly what you’re paying for.


You’ll see our prices online show ex-farm and delivered.

The ex-farm price is the asking price quoted by the Farmer or Supplier, this price is exclusive of transport costs and Feed Central’s margin.

We believe that delivered price ($/tonne delivered) is the smartest way to buy. Ex farm prices, regional market forces, high density bales and some awesome back load rates (that we have exclusive access to) means that the closest is rarely the cheapest. This is why we work hard and have invested heavily in giving you the delivered price feature online.


In keeping with standard agricultural commodity trading practices all prices are quoted exclusive of GST.

Give Preference To Product That:

Is high in M.E and C.P (the higher the better).
Has a high Visual Grade (FCAA is the top visual grade, FCD is the lowest).
Product that is shedded, it is much lower risk than paddock stacked.
Low NDF (digestibility of the fodder).

TIP: Feed Central logged in users can CONFIGURE COLUMNS to change the view of the BUY Page. Features such as delivered price, cents per/MJ of M.E, visual grade filtering, Quality Certificate access + more!

There are so many variables that impact the quality and value of Hay. It comes down to the growing conditions, soil health and harvest conditions. The higher the nutritional value, the better it is for your Stock.

At Feed Central all the Hay, Grain and other bulk feed that we sell comes with a Feed Test (powered by Dairy One) and Visual Grade (Independently conducted by Feed Central).

Buying hay that has been Feed Tested & Visually Graded ensures you will be delivered the product that is described to you (no nasty surprises).


If Hay has a moisture reading over 18% it will spoil on the inside of the Bale, that is what gives it that musty smell over time. Moisture over 18% are at risk of heating up due to a chemical reaction that occurs inside the bale, heat can also cause the nutritional value of the hay to reduce considerably.

Worse still, high moisture Hay can cause Hay fires, via self-combustion. The most accurate moisture measurements are taken in the field after baling.

Feed Central will only sell Hay that has a Hay moisture readings.


Buying and selling Hay without a CVD is illegal in most States. A CVD helps you protect your animals from nasty chemicals. Importantly, a CVD is a critical component in the food safety system that ensures that our products retain a green, clean, healthy image nationally and internationally.

At Feed Central we insist that all growers supply us with a CVD along with photos, visual descriptions, Feed Tests, photos and videos of the hay.


The Order Now button allows you to fill out an online order form that will then be submitted to our Sales Team. A Sales person will contact you directly to discuss and finalise the order.

Ask Feed Central about our Feed Alliance Program. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who understands your property and Livestock. You will receive the first offer on the best lines of Hay and other bulk feed as they are listed online. Plus, regular market updates and reports.



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