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Feed Central offers a premium web marketing service to clients. It allows growers to differentiate based on visual quality, feed test, location, bale weight, storage and more.

This is your entry point to the Feed Central sales team, our national network of buyers and to our purpose-built, marketing and sales web platform.

Benefits of Marketing Through Feed Central

Simple Web selling platform working to sell 24-7

Support of dedicated sales people actively marketing your product

Grower sets price

Guaranteed on-time payment

Written contracts, both spot and long-term

Logistics coordination

Hay quality assurance culminating in a professional quality certificate that you can use anywhere to help sell your product

Marketing/listing of product continues until it is sold or removed by the grower

Feed Central welcomes listings from Accredited & Non Accredited Suppliers.
If you are not accredited, we look forward to working with you and potentially taking you towards full Feed Central Accreditation.

Non-Accredited Suppliers

Non Accredited Suppliers will receive a visit from a Feed Central Hay Inspector to complete a thorough on-farm inspection of your hay.

We will find out more about your business and potentially work towards accreditation with you.

  • On-Farm Inspection by a Feed Central Hay Inspector
  • Feed Test
  • Phone Support & Price Advice from Feed Central Sales Team (post-inspection).

The cost of listing: $380 per lot (incl GST)
25% discount on 2nd & subsequent lots inspected on the same day.

Accredited Suppliers

Accreditation is by invitation and involves personalised training, allowing suppliers to Quality Assure their product.

Generally accreditation is reserved for regular, professional hay growers.

  • Access to FC Connect App QA Inspection Functionality
  • Quality Assurance Training
  • Regular On-Farm Visits & Audits
  • Feed Test
  • Phone Support & Price Advice from Feed Central Sales Team (post-inspection).

The cost of listing: $100 per lot (incl GST)


The Why and How Behind What We Do

Because it works! It is the backbone of our very popular web platform, Our web/consignment-based selling system has been working for almost 20 years now. It allows growers to list at any price they want. Our buyers love the easy-access information we provide on quality including the feed test, the visual assessment and the visual images. Buyers enjoy browsing online (24/7) and comparing lots across the country. The website is very clever and calculates a delivered price to the buyer on every line listed within about 5 seconds.