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Tips on Preparing for a Wet Year

Buying Hay, Selling Hay
With ongoing rainfall, it’s important to have a strategy in place to keep things moving. Rainfall, while essential for agricultural prosperity, comes with its share of problems. While it’s essential…

Parthenium Weed Alert

Buying Hay, Selling Hay
Parthenium is a noxious weed that can have negative impacts on humans, animals, and the environment alike. Feed Central is very conscious of the risk of Parthimium in hay in…

What is Shedded Hay?

Here at Feed Central, we facilitate the sale and transport of hay from grower to consumer from farms across Australia.  We deal with hay stored in a wide variety of…

Feed Central Celebrates 21 Years!

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Dear Feed Central Community, Feed Central celebrated its 21st birthday this week! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 21 years since we started as pioneers in the hay industry…
Dairy Cattle Eating Lucerne

How Potassium Affects Dairy Cattle

Feed Testing
For lactating dairy cattle, potassium is an imperative nutrient that optimizes milk production. The Nutrient Requirements for Dairy Cattle from the National Research Council indicates that extreme potassium deficiency in…