Tips For A Profitable Hay Season 2023/24

Ready for new Hay Season? After some unpredictable weather conditions over the last few years, we’re all excited for a return to good hay-growing conditions. That’s why we’ve put together a practical guide to help you navigate the road to success in the upcoming hay season.

There are many steps to making hay; from fodder to grain and weather forecasts, and data gathered from past seasons, there’s much to consider. But each year, we’re faced with new opportunities and challenges.

So, what’s the next move? That’s the key question. And that’s where our yearly Tips for a Profitable Hay Season guide comes into play. Whether it’s optimising the previous season’s stock or setting expectations for the next, we’re here to provide valuable insights for the journey ahead.

Delve into the 2023/24 edition of ‘Tips for a Profitable Hay Season’ and get ready for the new season.


  • Jill Parker

    Jill is the Innovation and Business Growth Manager at Feed Central, with a background in Small Business, Farming & Quality Assurance spanning over 26 years. As the former co-owner and manager of an intensive Horticulture property in Kununurra on the Ord River Irrigation Area, Jill managed contract picking, packing, marketing and logistics for up to fifty local producers over five crops. She has many years of experience in group marketing with Australian Fresh Mangoes, as Executive Officer for Australian Outback Mangoes and was a board member of various peak industry bodies. She has an extensive background in QA including Freshcare, SQF2000, NAASA, HACCP, Eurepgap, and ISO 9000 Series.

  • Steve Page

    Steve is the Grower Services Manager at Feed Central and has an over 30 years of experience in the agricultural industry, including working for Elders and managing an agricultural business in the Goondiwindi region producing grain, cotton, wool, and beef, with diplomas in Rural Business Management and Agriculture.

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