Achieve Optimum Production Efficiency With A TMR!

Total mixed rations or TMR’s are an ideal feeding method which allows you to provide proper nutrition to achieve optimum production efficiency. It involves combining  forage such as hay or silage, grain, protein meals and vitamin/feed additives together to form a feed mix that provides a nutritionally balanced diet with every mouthful. Creating a feed mix like this also helps prevent sorting by cows so that they are not missing out on any particular part of their diet. It provides you with the ability to have more control and accuracy about what is actually going into your animals.

It terms of milk production, feeding a TMR diet has been shown to contribute to an increase in milk production rates per cow when compared to feeding a pasture based diet or a mixed pasture/grain diet as can be see in figure 1.

Figure 1. Milk production responses seen when feeding either a grazing, mixed or total mixed ration diet.

It’s important to know what your TMR consists of so that you can properly formulate your ration so it’s a good idea to test all the individual components that you put into your ration so that you know exactly what you are feeding. Once you have mixed your TMR it may also be a good idea to do another feed test to ensure your mix calculations are correct.

$87inc. GST
  • • Minerals
  • • Crude Protein
  • • Digestible Energy
  • • Metabolisable Energy
  • • Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)
  • • Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)
  • • Water Soluble Carbohydrates (WSC)
  • • Simple Sugars (ESC)
  • • Crude Fat
  • • Starch
  • • Ash
  • Feed Test Quality Certificate

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  • Neville Janke

    Neville Janke is a qualified agronomist and Horticulturist with over 20 years of experience guiding farmers in the Agricultural and Horticultural industries. With this experience, Neville has been helping long-term users of Hay and grain to experience the Feed Central way of sourcing quality Feed for hungry cattle.

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