National Hay Safety Day

When is Hay Safety Day?

National Hay Safety Day is held on the 25th of October each year.  Hay safety day is an important event on the agricultural calendar and we at Feed Central are playing our part by releasing another Hay Safety Poster which creates a series of Hay safety awareness posters.  We also have updated our hay safe video which explains how to be safe around hay bales plus there is an online course below where you are your team can become certified in hay safety.

Why Was Hay Safety Day Created?

National Hay Safe Day is the initiative of Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) member and director Suzanne Woods, a Western Australian hay grower, whose father was tragically killed in an on-farm accident more than a decade ago.

According to Farm Safe Australia’s Safer Farms report, there are a number of people injured or killed every year from incidents with hay bales.  National Hay Safe Day provides an opportunity to promote the importance of safe farming practices, and to support the safety and well-being of our farmers.

Some Tips to Help Keep Everyone Safe

Young families with children need to treat a haystack like a swimming pool; you have to be safe around it.

This era of high-density balers and heavier bales increases the importance of safety full stop. High-density bales are now consistently ranging between 550-750 kilos, if a bale falls on you from any height, the chances of series injury are highly likely.

Here are some quick tips to help keep you and your family safe:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings and ensure bystanders are well back from your load
  2. Try to load or stack hay bales on level ground
  3. Make sure hay stacks, whether on the ground or on trucks, are stacked well to prevent bales from falling
  4. Keep children from playing on or around hay bale stacks

See our article on the Ultimate Guide on how to stack bales safely.

Hay Safety Video

Below are the series of our posters that you can print and display in your home, office or shed.  
Download your copy by clicking the posters below.
Hay Safety Poster 2
Hay Safety Poster 1

Take The Free Course To Be Hay Safe

This Hay Safety Course is all about giving you the basics to safely and productively deliver and stack hay.

It is a generic hay safety guide and is designed to be completed in addition to site-specific training provided on-site by your employer.

The Hay Safety Course covers a range of topics to help you safely get started.

Safely stacking hay bales on a truck


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