How Long Does A Round Hay Bale Last?

Importing hay is all about logistics. From the moment you harvest the hay to baling it and shipping it out to customers, you have to think about precisely how long the hay will be fresh and thus saleable for. How long does a round hay bale last?

A round hay bale is good for five to six days out in the paddock. By covering the bale with a hay net, you could increase the longevity of the round for bale eight to 10 days.

If you have yet more questions about how far a round bale of hay can take your hay importation business, this is the article for you. Ahead, we’ll discuss topics such as how much hay is required to feed two horses and how to increase the longevity of round hay bales. You won’t want to miss it!

How Long Is A Round Bale of Hay Good For?

Hay Bales stacked in the paddock

Hay bales stacked in the paddock

Hay is dried herbaceous plants such as legumes or grass. As such, its lifespan is anything but infinite.

From the moment hay is harvested, it begins going bad. The average lifespan of a round bale of hay is five to six days, which isn’t very long.

Should you choose to cover the hay bale with a hay net that includes1.75-inch holes, then you can extend the life of the hay. Now you’d get between eight and 10 days from one rounded bale, which is a lot more time to work with.

As we indicated in the intro, hay importers like yourself must be aware of how long a round bale of hay will last so you can expedite the shipping process. After all, if the hay arrives to your customer too late, then they’ll have paid for a bad product.

The customer might want a refund, which hurts the bottom line of your company. They’ll almost certainly leave a bad review, which can prevent other potential customers from wanting to do business with you.

Besides using a hay net, you do have other options for extending how long a round bale of hay lasts. We’ll talk about those more later, so be sure to check that out.

How Long Will a Round Bale of Hay Last Two Horses?

Let’s say the hay arrives to the customer in perfectly good condition. The customer wants to feed a round bale of hay to some horses on their farm. If the customer has two horses, how long will a round bale of hay feed the equestrian animals?

A single round bale of hay will last 2 horses approximately 2 weeks if they had little other food available.

Well, we should preface this by saying that the duration of hay between two horses depends on several factors. If the horses have other feed available, then they might not munch on the round hay bale quite as voraciously.

The size of the horses and their age also play a role. If the horses are young, then they could have ravenous appetites. Older horses might eat less.

The health of the horses is also important. If the horses are ill or injured, then they might not eat at a normal rate compared to healthier horses.

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How Many Horses Will a Round Bale Feed?

You had a potential customer send you an email about your round hay bales. The potential customer has more than two horses. They’re interested in buying a rounded bale, but they’re curious how many horses can eat one bale.

What should you tell them?

A round hay bale that’s fed over seven or 10 days should be enough for four to seven horses.