Welcome to the November/December Hay Market Report

This month’s report is presented by Feed Central’s National Sales Manager, Dave Clothier.

Over the last month, we’ve seen significant rain events. These widespread rains have allowed for market stabilisation. The export hay sector remains active, keeping prices elevated in the southern regions.

Positive Impacts on Livestock Industry:
The recent rains, particularly in drought-affected areas, have replenished surface water storages. This has enabled graziers to retain their livestock, which is expected to boost demand over time. Additionally, the rain has positively influenced livestock prices, presenting a challenge for processors to meet quotas before Christmas.

Quality Precautions:

Due to regional weather events, some lower-quality hay has entered the market. We urge caution with weather-affected fodder, especially paddock stacked product or hay which has been weathered in windrow. Be wary of high moisture levels and avoid uncovered hay following rain events. Ideally, opt for shedded product to ensure consistency and quality from the first to the last bale.

Product Availability:
Currently, Feed Central has 116,000 tonnes of hay listed, with 76% (88,000 tonnes) being shedded. This includes 16,500 tonnes of FCA and FCAA cereal hay.

There are over 60,000 tonnes of cereal hay listed, with protein levels up to 15.8% and energy up to 10.8MJ/kg. The highest quality listings are going for as high as $450 ex farm.

We’re seeing very high quality lucerne and vetch hay, with a high visual grading and very high levels of protein and energy. We’re seeing lots with protein as high as 25.8% and energy at 10.18MJ/kg for vetch, and 24.6% CP and 10.35MJ/kg ME for lucerne.

Type Tonnes Listed Avg. CP (% DM) Max. CP (% DM) Min. CP (% DM) Avg. ME (MJ/kg DM) Max. ME (MJ/kg DM) Min. ME (MJ/kg DM) Avg. Price Ex-Farm ($/Tonne) Max. Price Ex-Farm ($/Tonne) Min. Price Ex-Farm ($/Tonne)
Vetch Hay 22,689 19.4 25.8 10.9 8.40 10.18 6.49 $275 $400 $140
Oaten Hay 46,728 8.3 15.8 5.5 8.85 10.61 6.81 $223 $450 $80
Barley Hay 4,725 10.2 15.4 6.1 9.03 10.8 7.26 $258 $400 $75
Wheaten Hay 12,031 9.4 13.7 5.5 9.03 10.07 6.95 $294 $450 $140
Clover Hay 2,401 15.8 21.1 9 8.95 10.1 7.2 $318 $500 $165
Lucerne Hay 2,831 18.2 24.6 11.4 9.11 10.35 6.78 $423 $700 $120
Cereal Straw 24,390 5.1 8.3 3.1 6.55 8.51 4.91 $107 $250 $50
TOTAL 115,795

Considerations for the Festive Season:

As we approach Christmas, it’s important to consider the latest Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecast, which predicts higher than average temperatures this summer. Understand your needs, do your research, and feel free to contact us at Feed Central for advice.

With recent weather events, also think about managing logistics. Weather can impact access and travel to your destination, and truck availability may be limited as we near Christmas. Act now to secure your needs.

Finally, a big Merry Christmas from the entire Feed Central team! We wish you and your family all the best and look forward to connecting in the New Year.


  • Matt Waterfall

    Matt oversees our Quality Assurance processes, ensuring consistent quality across our lab and on-farm inspections. He also spearheads national business growth strategies, nurtures key relationships, and manages members of our Quality Services team nationally. With a background spanning account and business management in animal nutrition and mining, backed by a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Science (Animal Science) from the University of Queensland, Matthew brings extensive experience to his role.

  • Dave Clothier

    Dave coordinates with our web, phone, and regional sales team to deliver quality hay throughout Australia. He currently works as a Key Account Manager with Feed Central, where he assists large-scale dairy and beef producers and feed lotters in sourcing and supplying their fodder needs to suit individual specifications. He has 18 years of experience helping livestock producers maximize their profitability by measuring individual animal performance with hardware and software systems across Australia. He completed a 2-year Diploma in animal production at Longreach Agricultural College, managed large beef, sheep, and wool enterprises in Qld and NSW before settling down in Warwick Qld with his family.

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