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Your Feed Testing Options

When it comes time to feed testing you have 3 options available.

  1. Download Your Submission Form – This gives you options for many tests. Print and fill it out and return it to us
  2. Pre-Pay for Dry NIR Feed Test – Our most popular option for standard testing of hay.  This option allows you to prepay online
  3. Request a Feed Test Kit – We will send you a feed test kit with the appropriate forms
Feed Testing submission form

Download Your Submission Form

In order for Feed Central to complete your test, you will need to fill out one of our submission forms and send that in with your sample.

You can also check our article explaining how to take a feed test sample by clicking this link.

Fartmer standing with cows for feed testing hay

Pre-Pay For Dry NIR Feed Test

Our two main types of testing are Near-Infrared (NIR) and In Lab Visual Inspections.  You may click the link below to grab your own NIR feed test.

Request A Feed Test Kit

By selecting this option, we will post out all the necessary items you need to perform a test including bags and the form.  Simply fill out and return to us for testing.

Why Test Your Feed?


Buyers can purchase unseen product with confidence, knowing exactly what they’re paying for with quality assurance.


Sellers can set and justify their own prices based on quality as well as differentiate their product in the marketplace.


Nutritionists can use our services to add true value to their clients through correct, cost-effective ration formulation and quality assessment.


End-users such as dairy farmers and feedlot operators get the highest quality product for their animals at extremely competitive prices.


View our sample collection guide on how to take a representative sample and the quantity we need for your sample type.

Complete our sample submission form, with your complete contact details and detailed sample information.

Submit your sample using one of our kits, or use your own post bag and send to our lab: 10775 Warrego Hwy, Charlton, Qld, 4350

Upon completion of testing, your
results are sent via email and available through your online Feed Central Profile.


Watch The Submission Instructions Below And Download The Form