Tips for a Profitable Hay Season 19/20

Are you thinking of making hay?

Have you had a frost?

Choosing between making Hay or Grain?


Read through our booklet to gain an insight into the hay market and answer some of your burning questions regarding new season

Due to the extreme weather conditions (drought, wind, fire and frosts) across the country, we are getting a lot of enquiries about making hay and straw from cereal crops.  Naturally the extreme weather is also causing ongoing demand for large volumes of hay.
To help growers make these important decisions we have prepared an information booklet. The booklet is comprehensive in nature as we wish to share our experiences over many years. It includes:
  • How the Hay Market Works
  • Gross Margins
  • Market Conditions
  • Cutting
  • Baling
  • Storage
  • Marketing  
The booklet is designed to be used alongside your own independent research and advice, including from your local agronomist.


  • Neville Janke

    Neville Janke is a qualified agronomist and Horticulturist with over 20 years of experience guiding farmers in the Agricultural and Horticultural industries. With this experience, Neville has been helping long-term users of Hay and grain to experience the Feed Central way of sourcing quality Feed for hungry cattle.

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