What Is A CVD (Commodity Vendor Declaration) And How Does It Trace My Hay?

When deciding to graze a crop, or cut for Hay or Straw, chemical withholding periods need to be considered
and strictly adhered to. Remember that ALL chemicals applied to the crop at any stage of production must be documented on the CVD.

Chemical residue testing of feed commodities and animal carcasses has continued to increase throughout the majority of food sectors. For many feeding and food operations, this type of testing forms part of industry audits and compliance.

CVD’s are a major part of this audit and compliance chain. Keeping accurate records of chemical application rates and dates is a must. A Commodity Vendor Declaration of these details will need to be completed if the crop is cut and sold as Hay.

No product will be marketed or sold without a current and correctly completed CVD.


An important note on fungicide treatments: The following ‘actives’ can be found in certain name/branded fungicide treatments: Azoxystrobin, Epoxiconazole & Bixafen. These actives interfere with ‘Export Slaughter Interval’ (ESI) requirements. Grazing withholding periods for such actives are only applicable for the domestic market. The majority of export markets have more stringent standards which

require withholding periods and ESI’s to be adhered to. Labelling and the advice provided on any fungicide must be double checked carefully. ESI’s are unlikely to be found under the ‘Withholding Periods’ section. If applicable, the advice may be found under the ‘Trade Advice’ section of the label / full product detail.

Disclaimer: Feed Central reserves the right not to trade product treated with the aforementioned actives


  • Neville Janke

    Neville Janke is a qualified agronomist and Horticulturist with over 20 years of experience guiding farmers in the Agricultural and Horticultural industries. With this experience, Neville has been helping long-term users of Hay and grain to experience the Feed Central way of sourcing quality Feed for hungry cattle.

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