Concerned about your sorghum?

Nitrate and Prussic Acid occur naturally in plants, however, if plants are damaged or stressed, Nitrate and Prussic Acid can rise, causing toxicity in ruminant animals once eaten. Causes of high Prussic Acid or Nitrate levels include: damage, stress, drought conditions, frost, high nitrogen fertilisers and certain herbicides.

Feed Central has developed a qualitative on-farm test kit for growers of sorghum. This allows growers to quickly test their crop for Prussic Acid & Nitrate, producing results between a couple of minutes to an hour. This is a much faster alternative to a traditional quantitative test, and enables grower to make operational decisions regarding the crop.

Test kits includes: 5x Prussic Acid Tests, 5x Nitrate Tests, step-by-step instructions, information sheets, safety gloves for just $250.


We understand it can be a lot to get your head around, therefore we’ve built an easy FAQ sheet for you to utilise as you need.


Our team talk through the impact of Nitrate and Prussic Acid poison. We have developed a test that allows you to detect the presence of Nitrate and Prussic Acid in the paddock instantly. You can find out more in the video.

Watch this video to help you unpack Prussic Acid poisoning further.

If you have any concerns you are welcome to reach out to us at any time on 1300 669 429.


  • Neville Janke

    Neville Janke is a qualified agronomist and Horticulturist with over 20 years of experience guiding farmers in the Agricultural and Horticultural industries. With this experience, Neville has been helping long-term users of Hay and grain to experience the Feed Central way of sourcing quality Feed for hungry cattle.

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